What’s up!? There are a lot of great people hiding around LR. When I moved here in 2016, I wanted to meet new people and have engaging conversations. To make it easier for me and others, I throw dinner & cocktail parties.
Every party is fast paced and purposeful — no small talk or awkward “networking." All you need is an invitation from a host or co-host and a willingness to add to the group (and a bottle of wine — or something else you like to drink).

Date: Wednesday, November 7
Time: 7pm (sharp) to 9:30pm
Where: Matthias’ Apt in the Heights
What: Food, drinks, great conversation

Food Information
Host & co-hosts provide food! Usually it’s thai food or something else that everyone enjoys. If you have allergies or strict dietary requirements please let us know ASAP before the party.
What To Bring
Nothing…except an inexpensive bottle of wine would be nice or something else you’d drink.
Misc: Format, Schedule, Agenda, Guest List
  • Arrive at 7pm sharp. There is no “fashionably late" — BONUS POINTS: Arrive at exactly 6:57.
  • Once everybody arrives, we do a round of introductions, a few positive power-ups and then jump in.
  • Then we do a mini-mastermind. Each person has ~6 minutes to get feedback on whatever topic they want. Can be a question, opportunity, challenge, etc.
  • You can ask for help/feedback on workplace issues, personal relationship questions, business strategy, life changes, etc.
  • 🔑 Pro tip: The more concise you can present your topic, the more time you can get feedback from the group!
  • Half way, after the mini-mastermind, we’ll break for a casual dinner that is provided for you.
  • At 9:30, the dinner is over. Everyone goes home with new ideas + new connections and time to rest so we can work hard the next day.
  • Who: An eclectic group of smart people that want to add value: entrepreneurs, doctors, artists, thinkers, and all around good people.
What Others Have Said
"Thanks again for all your work that you and all the co-hosts put in. I got a lot of value and made some great new friends." Steve

"This was different and better than I expected. I’ve been to plenty of dinner parties — but nothing like this. I love that it’s casual but focused. I can’t wait to bring friends!" —Sarah

"Everyone inspired me, and I found their advice and shared stories, very helpful! Looking forward to the next one!" —Eileen

"I had a very good time and met some really great people. Typically I am a 'to myself' kind of person but this cocktail party got me outside of my comfort zone and I was really able to talk to people I didn't know." —Corey

"Thanks for hosting a great party and thanks to all for the great company! It was refreshing to hear and meet great thinkers and problem solvers." Nate

"The entire night was great, but I really liked the 'what is your proudest accomplishment of 2017' question. Having structured questions made it easy to have meaningful conversations quickly." —Anon

Inspired by my friend Nick Gray of Museum Hack (he taught me everything I know about cocktail/dinner parties).